New Zealand Penny Dominion
J3a - De la Rue, Thin Unsurfaced Paper
April, 1925


The J3a has a W.7 Watermark and a Horizontal Mesh.
The gum on a UHM example is brown in colour.
Paper is Unsurfaced.

The bottom right stamp above shows a very distinct re-entry at its bottom left,
beneath the "O" of ONE, Row 10, Column 12.

The J3a unsurfaced paper is similar to the J1a in the watermark and the brown colour
of the gum.  However it is much thinner than the J1a chalky paper and the watermark
is very easily seen.  The colour is much deeper, almost a wine shade which is not seen in the J1a.
The paper is clearly unsurfaced when viewed under a x10 magnifier and conforms to the
'silver' test.  It also does NOT fluoresce under ultraviolet light.

In early 1925, there was a delay in the shipment of the Jones paper.  To meet the current demand
for the Penny Dominion it was necessary for the Postmaster General to use the most suitable
paper available at the time.  Two lots of De La Rue unsurfaced paper were used.  The paper was
thin with a soft horizontal mesh and brownish gum.  Perforation was 14 x 15.  Issued in April 1925
and available for only a very short period of time.