History of Printings



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Waterlow Trial Print:

These prints show the flaw (known as the four o’clock flaw) on the top right hand rosette.
Unlike the Dot plate the pearl above the top left rosette is clear and complete. 
The pearls at the centre of the left frame are all clearly defined.  Some copies show a line through “Zealandia’s” wrist (not all copies however).





                                            Three plates were used to print locally.  Four shades are commonly recognised.
                                              Deep Rose Carmine, Bright Rose Carmine, Rose Carmine, Aniline Carmine

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                                            Three plates were used to print locally.  Numerous re-entries are known for each of the plates.
                   A comprehensive listing of these re-entries can be found in the Catalogue of New Zealand Stamps by Campbell Paterson Ltd.

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Plate 2 Reconstruction  




The Waterlow Plate 2 is probably the easiest to reconstruct.  Much study has been done on this plate
and for the first time each of the stamps (240 in 10 rows of 24) have been digitized
and each of the identifying characteristics have been recorded.

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