History of Printings





Royle Perf 14 x 14˝ Print:

These prints show the flaw (known as the four o’clock flaw) on the top right hand  rosette.
These prints are similar to the “Dot” plate, but the teeth of the “spur” are complete and there is an extra line of shading in the “spur”. 
The pearl above the left rosette is incomplete.  A short line is often seen extending (from the outer pearl at the centre of the left frame ) into the left margin. 
Theses pearls on the left are usually strong, but the similar pearls on the right side are often weaker. 
The perf 14 x 14
˝ is clean cut compared to the perf 14 print.




Three plates were used to print locally.  Numerous re-entries are known for each of the plates.
A comprehensive listing of these re-entries can be found in the Catalogue of New Zealand Stamps by Campbell Paterson Ltd.

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