History of Printings



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Dot Plate Print:

These prints show the flaw (known as the four o’clock flaw) on the top right hand rosette.
Further, the pearl outside the top left hand rosette is weak or partly absent.  The outer “teeth” of the spur ornament below the left rosette are broken.
  A small dot usually appears in the centre of the margins between stamps.  Any pale worn copies with the flaw at the top right rosette are certainly “Dot” stamps.
The “Dot” plate is the pivotal plate in which o sort previous and future printings.





                                                                             Four shades are commonly recognised.
                                                      Rose Carmine, Deep Carmine, Bright Carmine, Pink (worn plate)

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Plate Wear:



                                                                   Examples of progressive plate wear for the "Dot" plates

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