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Cowan Medium Print:

This medium paper is very similar to that used in later issues with the W7 watermark, but the absence of a watermark gives a whiter more dense appearance. 
The mesh is a distinct horizontal, this alone being sufficient to eliminate any chance of confusion with the “Waterlow” and “Basted Mills” printings. 
The impressions are very ill-defined by comparison with the “Londons” and there is no dot above the top left corner of the value tablet as in the “Londons”. 
Shades are similar to the “Basted Mills” issue, lacking in depth and tone of the earlier issues.  Perforations are invariably rather rough, especially the perf 14.




                                                                       Generally recognised shades for this paper are:
                                                                                     Carmine, Deep Carmine

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                                     Three plates were used to print locally.  Numerous re-entries are known for each of the plates.
                A comprehensive listing of these re-entries can be found in the Catalogue of New Zealand Stamps by Campbell Paterson Ltd.

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