History of Printings





Basted Mills Print:

This paper is similar to Waterlow and has a vertical mesh, however the mesh is not so clearly defined.  The watermark is the same as the Waterlow (W6) but is much more readily seen.  It is quite common top find the watermark inverted or reversed.  The paper is much thinner than the Waterlow and has a distinctive hardness and resilience.  Impressions lack the smoothness and definition of the London and Waterlow prints.  While shades exist they are not as deep as earlier issues and often have a greasy appearance.  Perforations are generally rough.




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                                  Three plates were used to print locally.  Numerous re-entries are known for each of the plates.
               A comprehensive listing of these re-entries can be found in the Catalogue of New Zealand Stamps by Campbell Paterson Ltd

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